Family Camp 2020

Nine days in July, set aside for families and friends to grow in their faith and relationships with one another.

Family Camp is July 18-26, 2020.

Ministry Team

Evangelist | David & Lisa Elliott

More info to come

Worship Leader | Arbour Season

New Promo PictureArbour Season travel the United States in their home on wheels playing house shows, colleges, coffee shops and other venues. They got their start playing at Disney Springs twice a week and other theme parks and venues in Florida. They are an indie/folk husband and wife duo who draw inspiration from the incredible adventures they experience all across North America.

Youth Leader | Mike Gordon

received_10155886532437092Mike has had the opportunity to speak and share Jesus around the world over the past 15 years. Whether it’s traveling to small towns throughout the country or speaking in cities like Jerusalem, Mike has spoken over 2500 times along the way. Today, Mike speaks in small group settings to large festivals with tens of thousands of people while teaming up with the likes of Nick Vujicic to Hillsong along the way. He currently speaks under National Youth for Christ, however, speaking is not the only thing Mike does…learn more at:

Children’s Leader | Stay tuned

More info to come

Nursery Team | Lee, Elizabeth & Leanne Schut + Hannah Bee

Nursery is available during all services