Membership Form – 2023

An application form for membership in the Corporation of Severn Bridge Camp. Membership is required for those that want to participate and vote at all meetings of members.

Application for Membership in the Corporation of Severn Bridge Camp

– have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour

– am committed to furthering the Objects of the Corporation as contained in the Letters Patent

– am in agreement with the Constitution, consisting of the Letter Patent (including the Objects and Articles of Religion), the General Operating By-law and all Policy Statements adopted by the Corporation from time to time

– I regularly attend and am involved with a local Evangelical Church

– am over the age of eighteen (18) years

I understand that the duties and rights of Membership are:

– to further the Objects of the Corporation

– to respect and submit to the procedures of the Corporation as expressed in the Constitution

– the right to receive notice of, attend, speak and participate at all Meetings of Members, and

– the right to a single vote at all Meetings of Members.